Cluj Napoca

Apartment 15

Spanning on two levels, the apartment went through a decorating process which brought a welcoming atmosphere to the generous and very cleverly used space.

The first goal was to make it functional, which is why we used all sorts of tricks (for example, we hid the dressing in the desk recess), we went as far as changing some construction elements (such as remodelling the stairs and resizing a beam), to efficiently optimize the space. Given that this is our specialty, the reconfiguration was a serious and pleasant game.

We respected the request for better lighting with neutral colours, contrast accents and the materials we used for the finishes. More precisely, being a smart home concept, with glass led power switches, audio systems, personalized voice control, keeping a warm and human vibe, we used a contrast between the wood like finishes and elegant, simple, white elements, which complemented each other very well.

The end product can be very clearly seen, but the good vibe of the apartment can only be described by its owners.

The project’s challenge: creating a double functionality for the living area – the couch on one side and the dining table on the other side and designing the gym area which shares the same space with the reading area.

Arrangement plan

“The interior design of an apartment is never an easy job. Especially because we are tough, thorough and detail-oriented. Not only that they managed to unite our visions, ideas and plans, but they came up with creative ideas to organize the space, which we did not even think of being possible. During the whole project, we built a relationship based on honesty and contructive feedback, which in the end turned into a cherished friendship.” (Manuela T.)




Bathroom 1


Bathroom 2

Floor & Terrace