shaping space

Every space
in its perfect phorm

Despite the challenges, we bring value to each space and we shape it to reflect your character and to surprise you.

We shape creative ideas by weaving the mind and the soul, to ensure that the spaces reach their full functional potential, while the feel-good energy is moving to your house. Permanently.

A Phorma style collaboration with appropriate results, confirming us that our values and skills are not only on paper but also actually applied. More precisely, beyond what the eye can see, we are proud of what you cannot see, but feel: a good collaboration with the beneficiaries. We planned, drew, thought of all the details in order to optimize the space and to model it in a harmonious and functional manner, focusing ourselves on the results of an independent integration by the beneficiary of the smart home systems. Together, we found some trouble-free happy arrangement solutions. How could an excellent job not have come out?
When the project received is a house, our stake is to transform it into a comfortable “home” for a relative small number of beneficiaries. But what when we are talking about a public space in the Horeca Industry where everybody has to feel like home? Art! The proof is this restaurant which we love so much especially for the process it went through until our work was done, beyond the results.
The house has become a „home” by combining styles and matching the details to represent the customers who gave us all their trust.
This project gave us the opportunity to challenge our creativity by transforming the spaces’ utility and optimizing them, combining the client’s ideas with our solutions.
A relaxing and pleasant ambience requires a lot of attention to details and a style which fills the space without making it too congested. Simple, elegant and useful at the same time.

know how

We like what we are doing so much that we want to share our experience here, to help you when we are not at your side.

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furniture design

In our workshop, creative ideas for metalic furniture become everyone’s optimization solutions for all types of spaces. Even the most boring ones.


interior design

The emotion of seeing an optimized and personalized space is how we can know that our mission has been a success.